Youth Juice Announces its First Ambassador


YJ Sciences and Our World Network Founder and President Robert Edwards is proud to announce Youth Juice’s very first Olympic Ambassador Ashleigh McIvor. McIvor is a ski cross superstar who is considered as one of the most successful skiers in the world. He holds the Olympic Gold Medal for Ski Cross and has been an expert in her sport since she was young. Growing up in Whistler, British Columbia, Ashleigh Mcivor has been very dedicated with sports and health and wellness.

According to President Robert Edwards, McIvor is the number one and the most suitable choice to represent a powerful and all natural drink called the Youth Juice. She has been very vocal about her high regards to health and is very devoted in having an active lifestyle and a good fitness. Aside from being a skier, she has also dedicated her time speaking publicly on the topic of how people can benefit from having a very fast-paced and active lifestyle. With that, Youth Juice definitely made the right choice in choosing the ski crosses diva to be the new face of youth Juice.

As part of Ashleigh McIvor’s partnership with Youth Juice, she will be branding her helmet and sports gears and apparels with the Youth Juice brand and likewise, Youth Juice will also be brandishing Ashleigh McIvor’s name and pictures in press materials, marketing collateral and web pages to promote the health drink. Also, Ashleigh McIvor and Youth Juice will be hand in hand with the promotion of the product through Facebook, Twitter and other channels online.

Robert Edwards definitely made up with the best decision to choose Ashleigh McIvor to be the new face and ambassador of Youth Juice in promoting the label in the world market. It will certainly be a perfect team up for a health drink such as Youth juice which promotes the importance of having a healthy body and eliminating the toxins that hinders the body from showing its full potential and a ski cross superstar Ashleigh McIvor who definitely feels the same way about health and wellness.

Youth Juice is a health drink made from the seven finest berries of the world and three sea vegetables creating a life drink that targets all sickness and irregularities in the body. It has three variants known as Youth Juice, Youth Juice Reshape and Youth Juice Restor. YJ Sciences, the company behind its manufacture calls it “Science in a bottle”.





Buy Mattresses

The bedroom in a house is usually intended for sleep. In early times, the expert bedroom is a simple room with a king-sized bed and some furnishings. But now, a major bedroom has been changed to a solace and luxury room. It can have elegant furnitures like getting dressed table, Almira, and an adhered bathing room. The common bedroom have furnishings like a bed of a room dimensions, dressers, drawers and mirrors. Master bedroom is fundamentally for the mature person constituent of the house which differs from other bedroom furnishings in conceive.

The bed is the most important furnishings in any bedroom and the bed should be made up of fine timber which is durable for life long. The dimensions of the bed differs from room to room as a expert bedroom, the size of the bed should be monarch or queen dimensions. Beds are accessible in numerous distinct forms, styles, and stuff to rendezvous the desires of the customer.

Mattresses performances an significant role over the bed as luxuriousness and comfortableness arrives from the mattresses only. So there are distinct demand for every person and they utilises mattresses according to their solace grade. Some utilises supple mattresses and some love the hard exterior. Variety of mattresses are accessible like foam, jute, jump or air vacuum mattresses.
A mattress is use for a individual comfort. You will buy it according to your need, as mattress is certain thing you will have to live with for a long period of time. thus, it would be seen and feel before you buy it. Try and check at a local mattress shop, so that you’ll have the chance to see and seem what brandnew mattress gaze like. You can check the value and find out that you have chosen the right mattress. You may purchase the mattresses online but one thing that lacks behind is that your experience could not be relished through an online buying.



Debt settlement —the risk breaker


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